MJ DeMarco – The Fastlane Millionaire

This is not directly a lean startup book but it gives a good framework on how to think when it comes to doing a startup vs making your money in an ordinary job.

The book contains lots of useful models for evaluating ideas and markets. Like this one, a few simple questions to ask yourself before starting your company. Is it worth it, getting in to this market? Will my startup scale?

You should read this book before you start your lean startup. It will help you decide if entrepreneurship is for you and if your idea has what it takes. Yes, even though “ideas are worthless”, the market you’re targeting has certain characteristics and so does the idea (such as: is it easy to copy?). With The Fastlane Millionaire you will get mental models that help you pick the strong ideas from the weak ones.

The writing style is somewhat provocative and direct but it’s an entertaining and good read. I would recommend it as inspiration as well as for the models it gives you.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

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